It’s been a hot couple of days and I was out and about on my bicycle today; a special purpose – to take in the musical presentation (the regular Wednesday noon hour summer concert) at Whitehern. Today’s featured musician, Doug Feaver.

Satisfied by the good music and the good friends there to share it with. I returned home. All I really wanted was a long, cold drink and I knew I had more than a litre of peach drink in the fridge waiting for me. All went according to plan – and then some!

You see, I had forgotten what else I had put in the fridge. A couple of days ago I had bought some plums. The first one I tackled was hard, not yet sweet and juicy the way I like my fruit. Therefore, I had wrapped the two remaining in a paper bag – the one my pharmacist uses to present me with my medications seems to work fine; besides, then I can believe the fruit is there specifically for my health – and stored them in a kitchen cupboard. After several days, I figured they were about ready to eat and moved them, paper bag and all, to the refrigerator and promptly forgot them.

When I took out the container of cold drink I found them again. So, along with my liquid refreshment, I decided to eat those plums before the became too soft. Ooooooh, la-la and di-da!

They were at a point I could not imagine. I sank in my teeth and they cut to the stone – not an easy task for these store bought devises! The flesh of the fruit was dark crimson all through, firm yet soft. And juicy? I thought about grabbing a paper towel, then a dishtowel, then said the heck with it!

I wore the stained shirt into the shower. The sweet sticky juice washed off most of my face and upper body, but I’m not certain of the shirt!

The experience was worth it! Ah, summer  fruit. Bring it on!