I went out this evening on my bicycle to grab a listen to a concert by the Dinnerbelles at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre on Stuart Street. The last weather forecast I had heard (at 6 pm) said “clouding over with showers starting around midnight.” I expected to return home well before that. Imagine my surprise when I came out just after nine and found it raining steadily. It was a wet ride home, and somewhat uncomfortable.

We always look for someone or something to blame when things don’t go as we had hoped or planned. I don’t understand why, unless it serves to point away from our own shortcomings. In this case, should I blame the weather forecasters for presenting unreliable information? I certainly don’t want to hold myself up for ridicule, a fool who rides his bicycle without a thought about unclement weather. Who or what else could I point at?

Sometimes we have to accept that some – make that many – no, probably most – happenings are beyond our control. I can’t blame myself for riding in the rain; it was not intentional. I can’t blame the forecasters; they worked with the information at hand. So what’s left?

Things happen, whether preordained or not. Rain rains when and where it must, and not at my pleasure. And whether or not I like it, I get wet.

And I have to live with it, and learn from it.