York St. Waterfall

Some time ago I was talking to Chris Eklund, the leader of the initiative to rebrand Hamilton as the “City of Waterfalls (due to the numerous waterfalls, large and small, within city limits) about installing a symbolic waterfall in the city hall plaza as it was being rebuilt, as a symbol. One of the city councillors was also present. I don’t know if my idea started this effort, but the city has now installed a working model waterfall, not at city hall where access to flowing water by street people was considered a drawback, but at the intersection of York and Dundurn, gracing one of the most beautiful entrances to the city.

It’s a three step cascade, not a direct or realistic copy of any of our more than one hundred falls, but a worthy symbol with water flowing continuously over slabs of stone. The falling water is surrounded and contained by rocky embankments leading into a flower bed at the beginning of a wide boulevard with grass and trees.

In my mind I had envisioned something higher and therefore more distracting, but that was also in a different location. The one built here suits its location – with lots of green space and Dundurn Castle near at hand – visible but no more obtrusive than its surroundings.

Sometimes small endeavors can make a city more livable, more than “Master Plans” and vague “initiatives” will. Thank you, Hamilton.